From the Margins to the Center

The liberal arts lie at the heart of OSU’s 150-year land grant mission

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Small Beauties

The art and science of the microbiome

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The Language of the Sublime

The panoramic Colorado landscape — the thunder and lightning, the mountains jutting shardlike to the sky, the palpable wildness — helped form Henry Sayre’s aesthetic sensibility.

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Across the Cultural Divide

For an artist, science can be confusing, full of numbers, variables and technical terms. Whereas for a scientist, art can seem like a fantasy, a distraction from the real world.

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Where Growth Meets Decay

Bowls made of hardwoods like curly soft maple, sugar maple, box elder and buckeye oak are adorned with pigments made by fungi whose ecological role is, ironically, to decompose wood.

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Plates of Honor

Cooking and sharing food connect OSU artist Julie Green to family and Midwestern roots. (by Angela Yeager)