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Flight Time

OSU-Cascades team aims to extend drone operations

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Driving on Natural Gas

A recent graduate of the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator/RAIN Corvallis continues to drive its business forward — including all the way to the White House.

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The Language of the Sublime

The panoramic Colorado landscape — the thunder and lightning, the mountains jutting shardlike to the sky, the palpable wildness — helped form Henry Sayre’s aesthetic sensibility.

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The Gas Track

For an undergraduate, Josh Tibbitts faced an unusual problem last winter: where to find a source of high-pressure natural gas for a new research lab. We’re not talking about double or triple the pressure that produces the blue flame in your furnace or a kitchen stove — typically less than one-quarter of a pound per square inch (PSI). Tibbitts needed to find a supply at 2,000 PSI.

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The Hidden Dangers of Flame Retardants

Your old sofa, as comfy as it is, could be a hazard to your children’s health.