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Filled with Curiosity

Nicole Hams likes to ask, “What if?”

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Small Beauties

The art and science of the microbiome

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Surprise in the Sargasso

In some of Earth’s most extreme environments — Antarc- tica’s frigid ice fields, Yellowstone’s sulfuric hot springs, Crater Lake’s lightless depths, the oceans’ deep-sea basalts — Stephen Giovannoni has discovered thriving communities of bacteria. As the holder of the Emile F. Pernot Distinguished Professorship in Microbiology, he has discovered some of the most abundant life forms on the planet.

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Sensors for Safety

Until now, there’s been no quick, accurate way to directly test food products for bacterial toxicity. But a major breakthrough in the laboratory of OSU microbiologist Janine Trempy promises to help limit food-borne illnesses and spare lives while potentially saving companies millions in unnecessary recalls.

Student Research

Seed Biology Program Gives Undergrads a Boost

Learning the secrets of seed germination is helping an OSU student grow her own career as a physician.