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Where Growth Meets Decay

Bowls made of hardwoods like curly soft maple, sugar maple, box elder and buckeye oak are adorned with pigments made by fungi whose ecological role is, ironically, to decompose wood.


Nature’s Glue

Nontoxic, soy-based adhesives and wood-plastic composites are some of the new products emerging from Kaichang Li’s OSU laboratory in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering. Soy may help prevent cancer not only on your kitchen table but also in your kitchen table.

Healthy Economy Innovation

Pressure’s On

Fred Kamke, professor in the OSU Department of Wood Science and Engineering, has now improved the process, achieving strength increases up to 400 percent, taking less time and using less mechanical force. He has applied for a patent on the technique, known as viscoelastic thermal compression, or VTC. The strength and stiffness of VTC wood is better than the best available Douglas fir.