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When Prisons Go Corporate

Brett Burkhardt examines the private prison industry

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Energy Matters

Hilary Boudet explores our contentious relationship with the energy industry

Healthy Planet Stewardship

From Data to Doing

Breaking through these barriers is the intent behind a pilot project in Idaho’s Big Wood River Basin, where a diverse group of local stakeholders has been meeting regularly with OSU climate and social scientists to talk about and plan for climate-driven changes in water quality and availability.

Healthy People

Is There a Pill for That?

Instead of blindly following “doctor’s orders,” patients can power up their iPad, Google their symptoms and join a chatroom for a different kind of “expert” opinion — that of ordinary people who have “been there, done that.” In this brave new world of “e-health,” there are bounteous benefits, says Kristin Barker, a sociologist at Oregon State University.

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A Bracero’s Story

It started with Salvador, the patriarch. In 1959, he left his wife and children near Guadalajara, Mexico, to work the fields of California.