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A Feeling for Molecules

In May Nyman’s lab, chemistry comes to life

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Filled with Curiosity

Nicole Hams likes to ask, “What if?”


Amber reflections from the scientist who inspired Jurassic Park

Over a long and storied career, George Poinar has made some extraordinary discoveries.

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Balancing the Equation

The numbers of women mathematicians at Oregon State are adding up

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Biology Through Numbers

Through the Biological Informatics and Genomics (BIG) initiative, Oregon State is building expertise to apply the latest research results to human health, agricultural crops and other pressing needs. Each new faculty member combines experience in biology, math and computational science.

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Gut Check

Thousands of species of bacteria, viruses and fungi live on and in our bodies. Microorganisms teem in every pore and crevice, from mouth to stomach to intestines to colon.