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GMOs in Agriculture

To help inform policy discussions and public discussion about genetically engineered (GE) agricultural products, Dan Arp, Dean of OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences, commissioned a series of white papers to explore five areas of public interest.

The GMO Conundrum

Oregonians will go to the polls on November 4 to decide whether or not to require prominent labels on food containing ingredients made from genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. The issue of labeling has been around for years, and — déjà vu! — Oregonians have even voted on it before. But the rhetoric has heated up to where its passage has a far better chance this year than it did in 2002.

Arrested Development

Genetic engineering has become a valuable scientific tool. It has enabled us to gain tremendous insight into the mechanisms of plant reproduction, disease resistance and other useful traits. However, commercial use of this technology has not lived up to expectations and has created serious hurdles for plant breeders. That in turn hampers genetic progress and innovation.