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Curious Romps Through Reality

Now an award-winning assistant professor in the School of Writing, Literature and Film at Oregon State University, Elena Passarello credits her interest in her craft to the influence of her mother, an eighth-grade English teacher and the matriarch of a family she describes as “bookish, library people.” Literature was woven into casual gatherings and conversations at the dinner table.

Book Notes

This issue of Terra Magazine features novels written by four OSU faculty members.

Creating Great Writers

Marjorie Sandor, former director of the MFA program in Creative Writing at Oregon State began plotting an opportunity for OSU students: to add a third year to the typical two-year master of fine arts (MFA) program.

Of Texts and Textiles

For the rich and the royal, arras hangings were status symbols. They depicted ancient stories of valor and virtue. Often designed to inspire viewers to be braver and better, they also were instruments of political propaganda and puffery.

New Courses Explore Ocean Cultures

Centuries before modern science, humans traveled, exploited, contemplated and celebrated the seas as explorers, fishermen, whalers, merchants, poets, storytellers, musicians and philosophers. Two new courses sponsored by OSU’s Spring Creek Program and Environmental Leadership Institute will delve into this ancient human-ocean relationship.

Football as Product

The bottom line was that those running the NFL could no longer take football’s powerful appeal for granted, and they feared losing an entire generation of lifetime football fans (and that generation once lost might spawn another, then another).