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Wave Action!

Wave machines and miniature towns reveal secrets of tsunamis.

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Cascadia Roulette

Bob Yeats has spent his career preparing people for the possible: a catastrophic earthquake

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First Oregon ShakeOut

On January 26, Oregonians will participate in the state’s first Oregon ShakeOut to raise earthquake awareness. What they learn could save lives when the next Big One hits.

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Balance of Power

In an ideal world, offshore wave energy buoy arrays would be placed where they don’t constrain fishermen and crabbers and or harm fish and marine mammals. We need to do enough research to know that sea life — and the people who depend on it — will not be compromised.

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After the Spill

Composed of more than 100 different compounds, PAHs are part of fossil fuels and a product of combustion. Some cause cancer, birth defects and other health problems. To understand these chemicals, Sarah Allan melds her biology background with the growing cache of analytical chemistry skills that she is developing in Kim Anderson’s lab.