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Ripples Upon Ripples

Engineers use sensors and software to refine wave-energy systems

Healthy Planet Marine Studies Initiative

Green Power from Waves

The whole world could be powered by a tiny fraction of the ocean’s untapped energy — if it could be harnessed.

Earth Healthy Planet Marine Studies Initiative

University of Alaska Joins Wave Energy Partnership

Wave energy researchers will focus on the tidal inlets and coastal waves of Alaska as a result of a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Until now, the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center has been a partnership of Oregon State University and the University of Washington.

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Taking stock of wave energy

These are the formative years of a West Coast wave energy industry, and scientists are working with businesses, communities and policymakers to gather environmental data, test new technologies and consider the options.

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Balance of Power

In an ideal world, offshore wave energy buoy arrays would be placed where they don’t constrain fishermen and crabbers and or harm fish and marine mammals. We need to do enough research to know that sea life — and the people who depend on it — will not be compromised.

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Power Wave

Thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy, Oregon State University and the private sector, wave energy is moving out of the lab and into the ocean.