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Earth Ethics

Extension’s National Network for Sustainable Living Education has grown from the work of OSU professor Viviane Simon-Brown. Starting with 12 colleagues in five states in 2004, more than 80 people at 30 land grant universities now collaborate to promote planet-friendly lifestyles.

Pipeline to Science

Strange, alien environments — far–away planets, fathomless seas, shadowy forests — figure in countless daydreams. What child hasn’t imagined herself at the controls of a futuristic spacecraft? Or at the prow of a wave–tossed vessel? Or on the trail of a secretive beast? Exploiting kids’ universal yen to explore remote and exotic places, a noted OSU outreach program entices underserved students to consider college.

One to One

Most students come to college as works in progress, their interests only partially identified, their potential still to be realized. And as they explore and develop that potential, many students find something equally important: a mentor.

Born with a Stethoscope in Her Hand

After completing her DVM at the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College in 2002, she came to OSU for her two-year residency. Having done her master’s thesis on the topic, “ovarian cysts in dairy cows,” Crane is clearly headed down the path her father set her on, back when her rubber boots were many sizes smaller than they are today.