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South Slough

Anne and Philip Matthews have explored every twist and tangle of the South Slough, which became the nation’s first national estuarine research reserve in the 1970s.

Student Research


A volunteer told me later that the nocturnal octopus rarely comes out during the day.

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Dolphin Defender

A dolphin’s dorsal fin can be as distinctive as a human fingerprint. As the fin slices through the sea, its unique pattern of pigments, nicks and scars relays the animal’s personal story to observers on the surface. Often, scientists can use these markings to ID individual dolphins. But for some species, fin IDs are not precise enough. That’s why researchers like Oregon State University Ph.D. student Rebecca Hamner have turned to DNA.

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Surf’s Up!

If you love big surf, go to Depoe Bay on the Oregon coast during a winter storm.


Online Resources for Tsunamis

We’ve seen what tsunamis can do. Now check out these websites to learn more about how they occur and what we can do to save lives.

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Sea Lions Star in the Center Ring

Amy Schneider, a junior in zoology from Roseburg, Ore., is an intern with Terra magazine. She wants to write and do science and combines them whenever she can. Her interest in animals started at age three when she told her parents she would die if she didn’t get a pet guinea pig.