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Corps of Discovery

Just as some babies are born with special gifts for music or math, Harvard’s Howard Gardner argues, others come into the world with an exceptional sensitivity to nature. The Oregon Master Naturalist program was designed to tap into this devotion to the land and build a statewide corps of expert volunteers.

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Concord Elementary School

Amid the chaos, the kids are learning about the art of gardening.

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Lake of the Woods

“The three key words in the mission of Oregon Master Naturalists are explore, connect, contribute.”

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South Slough

Anne and Philip Matthews have explored every twist and tangle of the South Slough, which became the nation’s first national estuarine research reserve in the 1970s.

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Rimrock Ranch

Guiding tours for the Deschutes Land Trust has been, for years, an outgrowth of Mary Crow’s passion for the land.