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Student Research: Electric Earth

Through the science of geomagnetics, an Oregon State University senior from Beaverton is peering into the structure of the Earth’s crust with an eye on how the continent is put together and what that might mean for our future.

Raising Spores

While known mostly as a pathogen of wheat, corn, barley and other cereal grains, a species of fungus called Fusarium Graminearum turns out to be a treasure trove of potential new antibiotics and other natural compounds.


Here are the stories of five Oregon State University student researchers who are giving everything they’ve got to heal a planet in peril.

An Evolutionary Tale

We know that mutations in DNA enable organisms to evolve. But how? Jeremy Northway, an undergraduate in the Oregon State University Honors College, is intent on using this worm, known as C. elegans, to find answers.

Tethered by Respect

“The bond forged that day was of a rare breed. One, I would say, that could only be formed between a falconer and her bird. One that can rarely be found between two people, or even two animals. A partnership. Mutually beneficial and boiling over with respect.”