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‘Tis the Season

“Antibiotics can be important, sometimes lifesaving, medications when we really need them,” explained Jessina McGregor, assistant professor in Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy. “But all too often, they’re taken unnecessarily or improperly.”

Battling the Superbugs

This story has echoes of heroes tramping the Earth (or the galaxy) on a quest to defeat the forces of darkness. Along the way, the travelers encounter strange creatures with remarkable powers. They endure harrowing tests of mental strength and technological prowess. In the end, they prevail, bringing down the enemy and discovering a truth that saves civilization.

Resistance Times Ten

Pathogens resistant to one or more drugs are on the rise. Below are 10 diseases associated with antimicrobial resistance identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).