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Driving on Natural Gas

A recent graduate of the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator/RAIN Corvallis continues to drive its business forward — including all the way to the White House.

Small World

Game-changing technology sometimes comes in small packages. For example, with two magnets and a lightbulb filament — a package thinner than a deck of cards — Joe Beckman and a team of Oregon State University collaborators may revolutionize the mass spectrometry (aka, “mass spec”) industry. Their device amplifies the sensitivity and precision of technology that is the workhorse of chemistry labs. And it requires minimal retooling of existing equipment.

OSU Advantage: Wood Panel Promise

Not since the development of plywood has a material innovation so thoroughly changed the construction process. “It’s an entirely new technology,” says Lech Muszynski. “It revolutionizes the way we build with wood.”

OSU ADVANTAGE: Business for Life

Researchers at Oregon State University are investigating these and other advancements in health care. But, before innovations can wind up in your medicine cabinet or in a doctor’s hands, they need to pass through a landscape that is foreign to most scientists: business and government regulation.

Partnership Advances the Cutting Edge

As partners in Oregon State’s Advantage program, Blount International is working with OSU researchers to advance the state of the art in saw technologies for agriculture, construction and landscaping in addition to forestry.