Product Lines

These 12 biotechnology, energy and computer software companies account for about 300 jobs and $100 million in investment. They have spun off directly from or leveraged relationships with Oregon State University research. (Source: OSU Office of Technology Transfer)


Personal recommendation software

Corvallis, Oregon

Fizzy Fruit

Carbonated strawberries and grapes
Portland, Oregon

Clear Shape Technologies

Design-for-manufacture technologies
Santa Clara, California

Smart Desktop

Desktop usability recognition
Seattle, Washington

Redrover Software

Spreadsheet quality control
Corvallis, Oregon

Columbia Power Technologies

Ocean wave energy
Corvallis, Oregon

NuScale Power

Nuclear energy
Corvallis, Oregon


Printed electronics
Corvallis, Oregon

Life Microsystems

Chlorophyll and bio-compounds
Corvallis, Oregon

Azuray Technologies

Semiconductors for solar energy
Tualatin, Oregon

Accessible Information Management

Services for persons with disabilities
Corvallis, Oregon

Precision Plant Systems

Optimized agricultural production
Corvallis, Oregon

Some of the other technology companies working with OSU

Apex Drive Laboratories,

Electric motor technologies, Portland, Oregon

CSD Nano

Thin-film technologies, Corvallis, Oregon

Home Dialysis Plus

Kidney dialysis, Corvallis and Portland, Oregon

Mtek Energy Solutions

Micro-channel reactors for biodiesel, Corvallis, Oregon


Nanotechnologies, Corvallis, Oregon

NWUAV Propulsion Systems

Engines for unmanned vehicles, McMinnville, Oregon

Peregrin Power

Electronics for extreme environments, Wilsonville, Oregon

Ruminant Solutions

Microbial products, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Internet connectivity services, Corvallis, Oregon

Trillium Fiberfuels

Wheat or grass straw for ethanol, Corvallis, Oregon

Xtreme Energetics

Solar energy, Livermore, California