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Hunters and Their Prey

Taal Levi wants humans and animals to coexist

Healthy Economy Innovation

The Sustainability Grind

A growing swath of consumers who value economic, environmental and social responsibility are generating demand for sustainable products and practices. Manufacturers that don’t adapt risk losing market share.

Healthy Planet

The Tao of Forest Management

Doing nothing in our forests could lead to catastrophic fires

Healthy Planet homestories Stewardship

What Do We Love Too Much to Lose?

“A Call to Life” gathers international momentum

homestories Marine Studies Initiative Student Research

A Market for Barnacles

Julia Bingham launches a study of barnacle biology and culture on the Oregon coast.

Healthy Economy Marine Studies Initiative

The Blue Economy

In an Ocean Week speech on Capitol Hill in 2009, Jane Lubchenco laid out the goals: “Americans want clean beaches, healthy seafood, good jobs, abundant wildlife, stable fisheries and vibrant coastal communities … . This collection of services depends on healthy, productive and resilient ocean and coastal ecosystems.”