Healthy Planet

A Forest Pastiche

Waiting for you in the stillness of Oregon State University’s Valley Library’s fifth floor is an exhibit as richly layered as the forests it portrays. It tells the story of trees as old as Methuselah, of the plants and animals they shade and shelter, and the people who, over time, have used them, studied them, cherished them, explored them, and found in them an irresistible muse.


Making Your Research Findings Public

Here at Oregon State University, where researchers brought in over $185 million in federal funding last fiscal year, mandates will have a significant impact on the daily activities of our research enterprise.

Healthy Economy

OSU Scholars Archive Ranks Among World’s Best

Achieving its highest ratings yet in January 2010, OSU came in fourth nationally and 16th internationally on Web-o-Metrics Institutional Repository rankings.