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The Stress Paradox

Carolyn Aldwin has been privy to countless untold secrets, heartbreaking stories from war zones, hospital wards and prisoner-of-war camps. People from all walks of life have confided their everyday problems and their worst nightmares to her.

The Littlest Among Us

Leaving her daughter is never easy. Yet Bowen knows that the little girl in the gray pleated skirt and snow-white bobby socks will get top-notch care at the Child Development Lab, a model preschool and research facility where more than half the slots are reserved for low-income families.

Delving into Wellness

Children’s physical well-being is critical to their academic and emotional growth.  Yet for an alarming number of preschoolers, too much sitting and too much snacking have led to premature weight problems.

A Living Laboratory video

In OSU’s Head Start and pre-kindergarten program at the Child Development Laboratory, children learn through Health in Action.