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150 Species Sustained

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Healthy Planet Marine Studies Initiative


On a typical low-visibility-day out among Oregon’s rocky reefs, scuba divers float in a murky, monochromatic world. Sunlight filtering through the algae-rich brine of near-shore waters casts a green patina on everything.

Student Research

Student researcher works to protect Chilean wildlife

As an Oregon State undergraduate, Katharina-Victoria Perez first traveled to Chile in 2012. She participated in two expeditions into the rugged mountain home of the huemul to set up camera traps.

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At the Apex

A cougar, silent and unseen in the thick understory, is emitting a beacon from its tracking collar. “She’s close, about a hundred meters to the north,” says Beth Orning, a Ph.D. student at Oregon State University. Orning has evidence that cougar No. C216 is raising a litter in this hidden ravine.