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Balancing the Equation

The numbers of women mathematicians at Oregon State are adding up

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The Forest Through the Fog

The Summen Project has an ambitious goal – to understand how ocean-atmosphere-land interactions, mediated by coastal fog, help to feed some of the tallest trees on the planet.

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Interrogating the Silence

Patti Duncan’s journey has been guided by deep, sometimes disturbing questions. How and why are the voices of birth mothers often erased from these stories? Why have so many women been silenced?

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Democracy by Smartphone

New technologies have expanded the number of channels for reaching voters and the capacity to evaluate the effectiveness of those messages.

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Musical Openings

A flying disc may prompt a new form of therapy.

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Our Floral Commons

Kirsten Hill cares for the plants on her 25-acre Cascades foothills farm with the knowledge and sensitivity that most of us reserve for our closest friends.