OSU Asian Studies Program

Oregon State connects students with vibrant cultures, growing economies

For decades, Oregon State University has collaborated with scientists and scholars in China, Japan and other Asian countries. Researchers have studied contemplative traditions in India, tsunamis in Indonesia, consumer preferences in Taiwan and South Korean, and political history, air quality and turf grass in China.

OSU musicians and artists have participated in exchange programs that bring performers and scholars face-to-face with colleagues and the public on both sides of the Pacific.

OSU’s Asian Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts fosters these relationships and offers students the chance to delve into ancient cultural traditions and to learn how their peers are addressing contemporary issues. Faculty affiliated with the program work in art, anthropology, philosophy, languages, film, history and political science.

Hua-yu Li directs the Asian Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts.

“Asian Studies offers our faculty and students the chance to get to know and study with researchers in Asia,” says Hua-yu Li, director of the Asian Studies Program. “These opportunities open us to new insights and enable us to communicate more effectively. They are part of what makes Oregon State a great place to study and learn.”

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By Nick Houtman

Nick Houtman is director of research communications at OSU and edits Terra, a world of research and creativity at Oregon State University. He has experience in weekly and daily print journalism and university science writing. A native Californian, he lived in Wisconsin and Maine before arriving in Corvallis in 2005.