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Prehistoric Sampling and Futuristic Forecasting

Scientists at Oregon State have uncovered evidence that similar dead zones arose abruptly thousands of years ago during periods of rapid warming.

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Familiar Faces

“If a person with facial paralysis walks into a room, people can tell that something is different, but they can’t quite figure out what it is,” says Kathleen Bogart, OSU psychologist.

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Atoms for Peas

Oregon State University maintains one of the nation’s leading programs in radioecology, the study of the long-term impact of radioactive isotopes on the environment. Research on this topic goes back to the 1950s when agricultural scientists at OSU and elsewhere in the United States were confronting questions about how to manage radioactivity in the environment.

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Animal Behavior

Our decisions carry implications for health, livelihoods, communities and the environment as well as for the well-being of the animals. Ethical principles — whether codified in law or community practice — guide decisions in each of these arenas and evolve with social norms.