Book Notes

OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS offers an enticing range of books that tell stories of the oceans and the organisms (humans included) that depend on their depths, their shallows and their shores.  Here are a few recent offerings:

Hoosterlund_finally Mōlī

By Hob Osterlund

Holy Mōlī is a natural history of the albatross, a moving memoir of grief, and a soaring tribute to ancestors by Kauai-based naturalist Hob Osterlund. Within its pages are lyrics of wonder — for freedom, for beauty and for the far-flung feathered creatures known to us as albatross.

NaturalistsGuideA Naturalist’s Guide to the Hidden World of Pacific Northwest Dunes

By George Poinar Jr.

With this new guide by OSU faculty member George Poinar Jr., hikers and beach walkers on the Pacific Coast will discover a teeming metropolis of life in what may seem a barren landscape to the inattentive eye.

LivingOffThePacificLiving Off the Pacific Ocean Floor

By George Moskovita

This authentic memoir of George Moskovita’s seafaring life provides a unique glimpse of Pacific maritime life in the 20th century, small-town coastal life after World War II, and the early days of fishery development in Oregon. OSU science historian Carmel Finley and NOAA fisheries scientist Mary Hunsicker introduce the book.

MayCoverMech3Salmon Is Everything

By Theresa May

After a devastating fish kill on the Klamath River, tribal members and theatre artist Theresa May developed a play to give voice to the central spiritual and cultural role of salmon in tribal life. Accompanying the play’s script are essays about creating and performing theatre on native and environmental issues.