Solving Global Issues Starts with Discovery

Cynthia Sagers meets with a researcher at Oregon State University.
Cynthia Sagers meets with a student researcher at Oregon State University. (Photo by Frank Miller)

Since beginning my new role as the university’s vice president for research in late August, I’ve quickly seen how hard the researchers at Oregon State University are working to solve global problems and provide innovations that translate into economic growth for Oregon and the nation. Despite the current restriction of federal funds, the university’s research funding reached its highest level ever last year, totaling $308.9 million. This is a phenomenal achievement!

A near doubling of revenues over the previous year from licensing patented technologies and an 8.5 percent increase in competitive federal funding fueled OSU research on a range of projects. These include advanced ocean-going research vessels, the health impacts of pollution and sustainable materials for high-speed computing. For more details about FY15 research and results for each college, please read the university’s press release.

While this new record level of funding is clearly a key part of our research foundation, the true value of this accomplishment lies in the advances in knowledge, innovation, discovery and creativity that occurred throughout the university. These funds allow us all to work to improve lives, support our students’ success and pursue economic development activities that will benefit our state, our nation and our world.

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Cynthia Sagers, Vice President for Research