Leading Indicators — 2014

Get a glimps of OSU’s grants and contracts for the 2014 fiscal year in this Annual Report of Research.

Passport to the Future

Researchers collaborate across the globe

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By Ron Adams, Interim Vice President for Research
Oregon is known for its exceptionally beautiful coastline, rivers, mountains and deserts. Right alongside those natural jewels are businesses and research institutions that have global impact.

  • Technology firms are working with Oregon State University researchers and spinoff companies to make semiconductors and display screens faster, less expensive and more environmentally friendly
  • Pharmacists and other healthcare providers are working with OSU scientists to make advances in pharmaceuticals, medical isotopes, reproductive care and diet that save lives and money
  • New production methods developed at OSU are showing up in forest products, transportation, electronics, energy and agriculture

These accomplishments don’t stem from one or two labs alone. They are the result of partnerships extending around the world — from Oregon and across North America to Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.

In this annual research report, we also provide you with a glimpse of OSU’s grants and contracts for the 2014 fiscal year. Bolstered by a new record in support from the private sector, they reflect a research portfolio that is deep and wide.

By Nick Houtman

Nick Houtman is director of research communications at OSU and edits Terra, a world of research and creativity at Oregon State University. He has experience in weekly and daily print journalism and university science writing. A native Californian, he lived in Wisconsin and Maine before arriving in Corvallis in 2005.