Oregon State Researchers Honored for Achievements

Remote Sensing of the Oceans

Chelton_ColorDudley Chelton, Distinguished Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Award: 2013 William T. Pecora Award for achievement in Earth remote sensing

Sponsoring organization: NASA and the U.S. Department of the Interior

For more than 30 years, Chelton as led efforts to improve satellite-derived measurements of the four primary ocean variables that can be sensed remotely: sea surface height, surface winds, sea surface temperature, and ocean surface biological productivity. His work has led to new hypotheses in ocean studies and has inspired many follow-up investigations by the ocean remote-sensing community.

Disease-Resistant Crops

tyler photo t2Brett Tyler, Director of the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing, College of Agricultural Sciences

Award: Friendship Award of China

Sponsoring organization: People’s Republic of China

Major advances against some of the world’s most devastating plant diseases are starting to emerge from more than a decade of international scientific collaboration led by Brett Tyler. The holder of the Stewart Chair in Gene Research at Oregon State, Tyler coordinates a worldwide research program on plant pathogens known to scientists as oomycetes.

New Chemical Elements

Lovelan2Walter Loveland, Professor of Nuclear Chemistry, College of Science

Award: Glenn T. Seaborg Award for Nuclear Chemistry

Sponsoring organization: American Chemical Society

Loveland has contributed to the development of experimental techniques and theoretical understanding that have led to the synthesis and discovery of new chemical elements. His research on nuclear reactions has contributed to the understanding of fusion and the stability of products that result when nuclei collide. He has also applied nuclear chemistry to track the dispersal of pollutants in the environment.