Going camping? Watch out for hitchhikers.

Camping season brings us out of our winter doldrums to explore sunny surroundings. In this beautiful state, it’s easy to see why so many of us take to the outdoors during this time, but did you know this is the most perilous time for the transmission of invasive species in our parks? Boots, boats and campfire wood can carry exotic seeds, plants and other non-natives into the wilderness. Before you head for adventure, here are a few websites that will help introduce you to the problem of invasive species and show what you can do to help keep our recreational lands beautiful.

United States Forest Service

A great place to start your invasive species education. Lists multiple informative videos about the problem, prevention and policy.

Don’t Move Firewood!

Well-organized, informative, clear and inviting. Teaches us about the unwitting ability to transmit invasive species via campfire wood. As noted in the Eugene Register-Guard and other news media, recent OSU Master’s candidate Damon Runberg utilized this website in his research on invasive species public policy.

Plant Conservation Alliance’s Least Wanted

A quick visual aid to the types of plants you should be looking for. Has a clickable lineup of the different predator plants taking over our ecosystems and provides a clear way to visually understand what does and doesn’t belong. Also check out the PCA’s main page for invasive plant species here.

National Park Service

Includes details on endangered species, climate change effects and more.

We are all stewards of the land and must do our part to keep it beautiful and accessible for years to come.

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