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Meadows of the Sea

IN THE ESTUARIES of the Pacific Northwest, seagrasses grow in underwater meadows, perfect havens and nurseries for sea life. So far, seagrasses are holding their own against “macroalgaes” — large seaweeds that in some regions have bloomed wildly, smothering native species like eelgrass. A study of four Oregon and Washington estuaries (Coos, Yaquina, Netarts and […]

South Slough

Anne and Philip Matthews have explored every twist and tangle of the South Slough, which became the nation’s first national estuarine research reserve in the 1970s.

State of Change: Nursery of the Sea

“The changing climate will likely have significant impacts along the coast and estuarine shorelines of Oregon. Changes associated with global climate change include rising sea levels, storminess, rising water temperatures and ocean acidification.”
– Oregon Climate Assessment Report