Preview of Coming Attractions

Ashford and Corcoran are among more than a dozen OSU faculty who are sharing their expertise in engineering, geology, communications and marine sciences with Chilean colleagues.


Tools of the Trade

Scientists, farmers and plant breeders who feed the world have a new scientific resource at their disposal to help them cut through the DNA clutter.

Marine Studies Initiative

Global Ocean

With one of the largest concentrations of marine scientists in the nation, OSU’s ocean research has gone global.


Living on the Fault

In one of the Earth’s most active fault zones, OSU geoscientist John Nabelek and colleagues are defining the forces that created Mt. Everest and threaten millions of people.

Healthy Economy

Paying for Pavement

Since 1919, when Oregon became the first state in the nation to levy a gas tax, the revenue stream has been as reliable as winter rain in Portland. Today, it generates about $400 million annually, but in the near future, with the push for energy independence and electric cars in particular, paying for pavement may become more difficult.

Healthy People

Oxytocin, Empathy and Autism: Q&A with Sarina Rodrigues

“When you flood the body with oxytocin, the receptors might down-regulate to compensate. It’s quite feasible that this could be a culprit in autism.”