Healthy People

Building the Pauling Legacy

Balz Frei leads the Linus Pauling Institute’s drive to understand how micronutrients affect genes and health.


Scientists to Bark Beetle: “No Vacancy”

Along with U.S. Forest Service colleagues, OSU researchers have figured out what a particular pheromone is communicating to Douglas–fir bark beetles and now use that language to help protect high–value trees on thousands of acres across much of the West.

Healthy Planet Stewardship Student Research

Invaders in the Dunes

Unnoticed by most beach–goers, a showdown is under way in Oregon’s coastal dunes, and the winner could pack increased risks for coastal property, especially during winter storms.

Healthy Economy Innovation

More Than Machines

Educating tomorrow’s electrical engineers has come to this: Teamwork, creativity and ownership are as important as the principles of theory and design. All get rolled into a box that first-year Oregon State University students receive in their introduction to the field.


Grinding Out Lessons From the Earth

When Jeremiah Oxford, a master’s student from Coos Bay, Oregon, isn’t in class or writing a paper, he puts his mind to that most unacademic of tasks: grinding rocks.

Earth Healthy Planet Student Research

A Student’s View

“They have offered me every opportunity a graduate student would ever need. They have picked me up when I was down, and they have pushed me to become my best and to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. I feel lucky to have been able to work with them.”