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Genius of the Sea

Not only is Kelly Benoit-Bird unbounded by species classifications, she also is unrestrained by the dimensions of time and space.

Smooth Sailing

For the past decade, Oregon State University has boasted an oceanography program ranked among the top five in the nation, and its broad spectrum of marine and coastal research has an international reputation that few institutions can match.

Plankton Planet

On a South Pacific research expedition, Angelicque White and Ricardo Letelier encountered a surprise: An intense red tide surrounded the ship. (Photo: Angelicque White)

Uncharted Waters

It may come like it did the last time, in the middle of a cold and blustery January night. Suddenly the ground will begin to shake, windows will shatter, bridges collapse, the electricity will go out and parents will frantically try to find a flashlight and dig sleepy kids out of bed, ignore everything else and run – because they know they only have minutes before the water arrives.

Reserve for Rockfish

In his research on marine reserves, a graduate student taps his experience with both fish and humans.

Global Ocean

With one of the largest concentrations of marine scientists in the nation, OSU’s ocean research has gone global.