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A Bracero’s Story

It started with Salvador, the patriarch. In 1959, he left his wife and children near Guadalajara, Mexico, to work the fields of California.

On the Trail of America’s First People

Along the Oregon coast, in Idaho’s Salmon River canyon and in Baja California, Loren Davis has searched for signs of North America’s earliest inhabitants. His work along the southern Oregon coast has pushed back documented occupation of this area by 1,500 years.

Hiding Man — The Art of Story

Daugherty is a Distinguished Professor of English and Creative Writing at Oregon State University. To his task, he brings both analytical insight and personal relationship. He was Barthelme’s graduate student at the University of Houston and opens the story with an experience that contains echoes of Barthelme’s own development as a writer in the same city.

Stage Kiss

As dedicated students of the theater, Jacques and Mueller worked so diligently that by the final curtain, the star-crossed lovers and the whole production company had swept the audience off their feet to passionate applause.

Oregon’s Linguistic Landscape

What became the state of Oregon, an area stretching south from the Columbia Gorge to the Siskiyous, and east from the Pacific over the Coastal Range and Cascades to the High Desert, was a land of many languages, each one encoding information about the land and how to survive on it.

Was Nature Ever Wild?

When Spanish expeditions explored what is now the Santa Barbara, California, region in the 16th and 17th centuries, they found thriving native communities.