Deep Trouble

When a submersible dove into deep waters off Florida not long ago, the scientists aboard saw an alarming sight: big lionfish, lots of them.


Here are the stories of five Oregon State University student researchers who are giving everything they’ve got to heal a planet in peril.

Bits & Pieces

A geologist who once helped discover rock-eating microbes a mile beneath the ocean floor soon will be looking for rocks in the other direction: up.

Bug Zoo

The other day, I found myself sharing a room with 3 million dead bugs.

Tipping Point

In the summer, you may have to go 20 miles out to sea to find it, but close to the seafloor, near the edge of Oregon’s continental shelf, is a preview of the future: water as acidic as what the world’s oceans may be like in 50 to 100 years.

Sea Change

All Karel Houtman needed to know his location was a clear sky, a sextant and a chart. He always felt more comfortable at sea than on land and would steer his way unerringly across the nearly 5,000 water-to-the-horizon miles from Oakland, California, to Yokohama, Japan. For him, driving from home to the grocery store along streets crowded with cars and traffic signs was a journey through a strange land.