Spring 2016

THE ALL-ENCIRCLING SEA Within the lifespan of most people alive today, our relationship to the ocean has fundamentally changed. In 1951, in her classic, The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson wrote, mankind “cannot control or change the ocean as he has subdued and plundered the continents. In the artificial world of his cities and towns, […]

Blue Carbon

The reason for mangroves’ massive capacity for carbon can be summed up in two words: perpetual wetness.

Total Immersion

For an elite handful of Oregon State researchers and students in pharmacy, biology, oceanography, zoology, fisheries, marine resources management — even maritime engineering — their other lab is underwater.

Illuminating Plankton

Consuelo Carbonell-Moore has made it her life’s work to document the diversity of one of the ocean’s most abundant life forms: dinoflagellates, a type of plankton.