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Lines in the Water

As fishermen, scientists and coastal communities spar over Oregon’s system of marine reserves, OSU researchers and their partners are developing the science. One of their first testing grounds is Port Orford’s Redfish Rocks.

Winter Storms Lead to Spring Bloom

If you separate predators from their prey, you get more prey. Now that simple relationship has been used to explain one of the most important annual events in the ocean: the North Atlantic spring phytoplankton bloom.

Raised Voices

Competition for space in the ocean — an oxymoron in an environment defined by its seemingly limitless expanse — poses new concerns along the West Coast.

OSU Marine Science by the Numbers

On a 49-acre campus, HMSC supports research in a wide range of ocean sciences.
More than 150,000 people view displays and live-animal touch tanks in the Visitor Center annually.

From Research to Retail

Partnering with coastal communities in support of Oregon’s vital seafood industry brings Professor Gil Sylvia in close contact with fishermen and other stakeholders.

Plankton Planet

On a South Pacific research expedition, Angelicque White and Ricardo Letelier encountered a surprise: An intense red tide surrounded the ship. (Photo: Angelicque White)