“You’re Invited…”

Ron Adams
Ron Adams in Kearney Hall, OSU College of Engineering.

…to join us in the lab, in the field and in the incubators of innovation where Oregon State University researchers are doing the business of discovery. Every day, our scientists, scholars and engineers conduct experiments, study natural systems and drive economic development toward a sustainable planet, a thriving population and a prosperous future for all Oregonians. But the story doesn’t stop at the borders of our own state. OSU research spans the globe in pursuit of solutions to unprecedented stressors on ecosystems, social systems and economies worldwide.

In this inaugural issue of the Terra newsletter, we’ll introduce you to Oregon State’s scientific monitoring of the network of marine reserves along the Oregon coast. We’ll describe OSU’s research into water conflict management in the Blue Nile region of Africa. We’ll give you a glimpse inside a Philomath genetics firm that’s collaborating with OSU to create custom-designed molecules for healing. And you’ll meet a recent graduate of the University Honors College whose research challenged certain assumptions of OSU alumnus and Nobel laureate Linus Pauling.

Several times a year, we’ll share a whole new lineup of stories about the research enterprise at Oregon State University. Welcome! And watch this space.

Ron Adams, Interim Vice President for Research