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Willamette Innovators Night Will Showcase Grassroots Entrepreneurship

Innovation comes in many forms: life-saving robots, microbial fuel cells, carbonated fruit, plant-based lubricants and adhesives, and clothing that adjusts to your lifestyle.

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Power Wave

Thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy, Oregon State University and the private sector, wave energy is moving out of the lab and into the ocean.

Earth Healthy Planet Innovation

OSU’s Next Gen Nuclear on Green Science Oregon

A new production by GreenScienceOregon (an environmental science TV show sponsored by OSU, Portland State University, Solar World and Oregon BEST) delves into OSU research on passively safe, modular nuclear technology.

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Light on Leaves

Not long ago if you wanted to measure the height of a tree, you had to do trigonometry on the ground — or gear up for a climb. But these days you have a more sophisticated option: beaming lasers from the sky.


Seismic Safety

In an earthquake, Tom Miller knows which buildings to avoid.

Healthy Planet Stewardship

A Way Forward for Oregon’s O&C Forests

Any fair-minded reading of the history of the O&C (Oregon and California Railroad) lands in Western Oregon would conclude that they were intended to provide economic support for the 18 counties in which they reside.