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OCTOBER 14 — Tsunami Travelers: What we have learned from the mega-rafting event

SPEAKER — Jessica Miller, Professor, OSU Fisheries and Wildlife

LOCATION — Old World Deli, 341 SW 2nd St., Corvallis

The 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami launched a flood of debris across the Pacific Ocean. As pieces of wood, plastic boxes, buoys, and even docks began to wash up on beaches, scientists scrambled to record organisms that had successfully hitchhiked their way to Oregon, throughout the Northwest, and to the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Jessica Miller, professor of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University, was a member of the team that cataloged nearly 300 species of marine animals, many of which were not previously found in Oregon. The scientists published findings about the influx of exotic species in the journal Science in 2017.

A dock from Japan washed ashore at Agate Beach in Oregon in 2012. (Photo: Dann Cutter)

At this Corvallis Science Pub, Miller will discuss what she and her colleagues discovered and the potential impacts from the organisms, many of which were capable of reproduction when they arrived in coastal waters of the NE Pacific. Their research also highlights the potential for large events, such as tsunamis and major storms, to interact with expanding coastal infrastructure and increase the role of marine debris as a novel vector for species dispersal.

“We were able to not only identify this unique suite of species but, in some cases, examine their growth and ability to reproduce which provides useful information on how they fared during their transoceanic voyage,” said Miller.


November 4 — Astrobiology, Ethics and Earth’s Legacy. Speaker: Martin Fisk, emeritus professor, Oregon State University.


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