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Water connects history, geography and culture, sometimes in surprising ways. This special Science Pub Corvallis will explore the impacts of dams and development in two places — Egypt and the Pacific Northwest. In both regions, communities and cultural treasures were threatened, and in some cases destroyed, by waters rising behind dams that were built to generate electricity, reduce downstream flooding and irrigate crops. Two speakers — Egyptologist Hassan Latif from Cairo, Egypt, and Aaron Wolf of Oregon State University — will share their intimate knowledge of these water management projects and ongoing efforts to navigate difficult issues across cultural and political boundaries.

Hassan Latif grew up in Cairo with a great passion for Egyptology. He has spent nearly 30 years guiding visitors, lecturing and tutoring. Holder of a bachelor’s degree as well as a High Diploma of Archaeology, he spent a year working with the excavation of a Pre-Dynastic site south of Cairo and two years as a curator at the Egyptian Museum. The museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Latif leads tour groups from American universities, including recent groups traveling with the OSU Alumni Association, to excavation sites in Egypt. He also is a private tutor in the ancient Egyptian language and its hieroglyphic writing system. Hassan and his wife have three children and he enjoys spending his free time fishing on the banks of the Nile River and in the Red Sea.

Aaron Wolf trained as a groundwater hydrologist. He would often meet with groups of people who were angry about the fate of their local river or lake. So, he used his science background to convince them that a solution was at hand. It usually didn’t work. This began his career shift to conflict resolution. He quickly discovered that neither science nor the Western model of resolving conflicts was enough to engage many people around the world and so he began looking at how people of faith addressed conflict to see if there were lessons he could translate into the world of water rights. He was surprised to find there were. After 12 years of traveling and research, the Oregon State University professor has written a book called The Spirit of Dialogue: Lessons from Faith Traditions in Transforming Conflict.

Held on the second Monday of the month in Corvallis, Oregon. Science Pub is sponsored by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Downtown Corvallis Association and Terra magazine at  Oregon State University.

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