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Coastal Views

Taking an annual harvest of a quarter-million pounds of Dungeness from his 85-foot craft Ossian, this crabber brings a lifetime of ocean experience to his role as an “industry cooperator” with OSU.

Water as Destiny

There’s something serendipitous, almost poetic, about von Jouanne’s work in wave energy. Wallace was, in a sense, circling back when he teamed up with von Jouanne to puzzle out the problem of wave energy.

Wave Power Prototypes

OSU’s “direct-drive” buoy approaches allow electrical generators to respond directly to ocean waves.

Mind Your Math

It just adds up — math education is about more than learning to add and subtract.

Anatomy of a Career

He was a Midwest kid, a self-described “technical nerd” who hung out with ham-radio buffs and fell in love with a girl who played flute to his percussion in the school band.