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Nature’s Glue

Nontoxic, soy-based adhesives and wood-plastic composites are some of the new products emerging from Kaichang Li’s OSU laboratory in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering. Soy may help prevent cancer not only on your kitchen table but also in your kitchen table.

Growing Technology

From microbes to plants, OSU researchers are leveraging biological materials to develop a variety of new products.

High Alert

In our research, we’re seeing a significant behavioral shift among deer and elk resulting from this fear of being preyed upon by large carnivores.”

The Ice Sages

For millennia the people of King Island have depended on the walrus hunt. But as Arctic ice recedes in response to a changing climate, hunters have to go further to reach their quarry. OSU anthropologist Deanna Paniataaq Kingston leads a team documenting the culture, language and natural history of her ancestral homeland.

Are We There Yet?

It takes longer to become an adult today, and that passage is more complicated than in the past.