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Freshwater from Saltwater

By Lee Sherman TURNING SALTWATER INTO DRINKABLE FRESHWATER is typically done in large facilities near big power plants to keep energy costs low. The water then is transported to its destination at added costs to the environment and economy. Now, a partnership between OSU and a private startup is moving the industry toward a cheaper, […]

OSU Advantage: Wood Panel Promise

Not since the development of plywood has a material innovation so thoroughly changed the construction process. “It’s an entirely new technology,” says Lech Muszynski. “It revolutionizes the way we build with wood.”

An Elegant Matrix

In the Northwest, where tons of biomass rots in forests or burns in slash piles, the conversion of waste into biochar is an environmental and economic win-win.

State of Change: Building Our Shells

“The attitudes of Oregonians toward climate change are somewhat unknown, but small-scale surveys indicate that many residents of our state would consider it a problem worth attention by policymakers.”
– Oregon Climate Assessment Report