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Toward Optimal Health

On a lonely planet beset by toxic chemicals, animal-to-human infections, cancers of all kinds, rampant obesity and a looming Centenarian Boom, the “One Health” concept just makes sense

Climate Change and Health

As the world warms, insects and pathogens are on the move. Heat waves are getting hotter and more frequent. Algal blooms are increasing in frequency, intensity and duration, posing risks to drinking water and shellfish consumption. Wildfires are putting more particulates into the air, leading to increases in asthma and hospital admissions for respiratory distress. […]

The Adams File: The Future of Health Care

As planning for this issue of Terra got underway, the Ebola outbreak was capturing attention in medical journals and news reports and across the Internet. There were fears of a pandemic. Previously known only in Africa, the disease had appeared in the United States and Spain. Public health specialists struggled to cut the rate of […]

OSU’s Health Research Network

The science of human health is a collective enterprise at Oregon State. It encompasses: More than 300 faculty members in seven academic colleges, Extension Service offices and 10 centers and institutes Thousands of students, research assistants and post-doctoral scientists Partnerships with agencies, businesses, public health departments and universities The work is interdisciplinary. Engineers strategize with […]

Closing in on Cholera

In the life of Bo Park, there’s a quirky connection between her early childhood in South Korea and her pharmacology research at Oregon State University: fish. In the city of Incheon where she was born, her mom and dad sold hot bowls of fishcake soup from the food truck they owned and operated. As a […]

Oregon State Nuclear Engineers Solve Looming Medical Isotope Shortage

When John Nuslein began experiencing chest pain, he contacted his doctor and underwent a round of tests. But the standard electrocardiogram and cardiac treadmill were inconclusive. It took a nuclear medicine stress test — a procedure in which a radioactive substance is injected into a vein — to visualize two blocked arteries in his heart. […]