The OSU Readers Summer Collection

We hope you’ll let the butterflies stay on the flowers this summer and spend some time yourself in at least one book by an OSU faculty member.

Put a Book in Your Backpack

Summer adventures abound in the Northwest, not only across the region’s magnificent landscape but within the covers of books written by Northwesterners about the people and places that make the region unique.

Curious Romps Through Reality

Now an award-winning assistant professor in the School of Writing, Literature and Film at Oregon State University, Elena Passarello credits her interest in her craft to the influence of her mother, an eighth-grade English teacher and the matriarch of a family she describes as “bookish, library people.” Literature was woven into casual gatherings and conversations at the dinner table.

Cougars in “The Blues”

We bushwhacked into a steep, wooded ravine of pine and larch, stepping over sofa-sized boulders and towering mounds of blow-down. At the bottom, where the creek gurgled prettily, the hound suddenly let out a fearsome howl. He had scented the cougar.

Kids Quizzed About Ocean Sciences

The air bristles with anticipation inside Gilfillan Auditorium, whose perforated metal walls hum with the vibration of voices. Just moments before the championship round of a battle of the minds called Salmon Bowl at Oregon State University, everyone is focused on the two surviving teams.