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The Ethic of Care

The three rats snoozing in Cage 57 don’t know it, but they could someday help save thousands of human lives.

High Grades for Animal Care

In awarding full accreditation to Oregon State University in March, AAALAC offered the following remarks to Rick Spinrad, vice president for research.

Doctor at the Top

A human life can pivot on the quirkiest of convergences. In the life of Helen Diggs, it was the accidental nexus of five unfortunate hikers, a bagful of poisonous mushrooms and a few heroic pigs that set change in motion.

A Whole Lot of Seriousness

By standardizing and harmonizing how animals are cared for, you create consistency across labs and institutions.

Drug Test

By some estimates, a third to half of the artesunate, an anti-malarial drug, in some countries is counterfeit. The World Health Organization has called for faster, more accurate tests, and now a team of Oregon State University chemists has stepped up with an innovative approach.