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“Like Looking Over His Shoulder”

WHEN OSU LIBRARIAN CLIFF MEAD LEADS YOU into the collected life history of one of America’s greatest minds, you step into the vortex of the last century.

No Barriers

OSU engineer Katharine Hunter-Zaworski designs mass-transit equipment that makes travel not only more accessible but also more dignified.

One to One

Most students come to college as works in progress, their interests only partially identified, their potential still to be realized. And as they explore and develop that potential, many students find something equally important: a mentor.

Birth Mothers

For Melissa Cheyney, data collection begins with a home visit.

Horse Power

When a horse develops an infection, its owners usually turn to a rural veterinarian. But when lameness strikes an Oregon Appaloosa or quarterhorse, rural vets increasingly refer their patients to OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine for treatment.