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The Blue Economy

IN THE FALL OF 2002, as the Klamath River dwindled in the wake of a dry summer, dead fish began piling up in eddies and small tributaries. Over a two-month period, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists counted more than 34,000, mostly adult chinook salmon that had died on their way upstream to spawn. The […]

Working Waterfront on Your Phone

IN COOS BAY, NORTH BEND AND CHARLESTON, aka Oregon’s Bay Area, you can take a tour of the working waterfront, courtesy of Oregon Sea Grant. Tide gates, shipyards and oyster beds are among the highlights offered through a printed map and a cell-phone app. “We connect people to parts of the waterfront they may never […]

Freshwater from Saltwater

TURNING SALTWATER INTO DRINKABLE FRESHWATER is typically done in large facilities near big power plants to keep energy costs low. The water then is transported to its destination at added costs to the environment and economy. Now, a partnership between OSU and a private startup is moving the industry toward a cheaper, greener approach. With […]

Grass-Fed Restoration

John O’Keeffe’s pick-up truck bumps through a landscape of gnarled sagebrush and bunchgrasses near the Nevada border in southeastern Oregon. “This is good sage-grouse habitat,” O’Keeffe tells me, gesturing across a broad horizon toward the Warner Mountains. He should know. O’Keeffe is a leader in sage-grouse conservation, helping to restore the bird’s habitat of native […]

School to School

In the western Kenya city of Kisumo last spring, Leah Tai expected to meet with a few teachers from only three schools. The Oregon State graduate student in Water Resources Engineering was serving as a school program coordinator for TAHMO. In short order, she found herself at a workshop having lunch with 60 teachers. “They […]

Looking for Trouble

The reliability of a weather station is subject to the wanderings of wildlife. Frogs crawl into rainfall collection buckets. Insects build nests in air tubes. Rodents chew through wires. And that’s on top of damage from dust, high winds, ice and hail — or simple equipment failure. Maintaining weather station networks is a labor-intensive enterprise, […]