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Facing Cascadia

IN JAPAN, NEARLY 20,000 PEOPLE DIED in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The tragic aftermath struck home in the Pacific Northwest, which faces a similar risk from the Cascadia subduction zone. But we often forget the silver lining. In Japan, there were nearly 200,000 people in the inundation zones, so 90 percent of the […]

Making Art in Wild Places

LAST SPRING, students studying music, video, theater and visual arts took a walk in the woods. When they came out, their creative spirits were infused with the sounds, textures, shapes and colors of the Hopkins Demonstration Forest. Music student Ryan Zubieta listened to the sounds around him — water running over stones, branches clicking together, […]

Deaths, Injuries Dog Crab Industry

COMMERCIAL DUNGENESS CRAB FISHING on the West Coast is one of the riskiest jobs in the United States, based on fatality rates. But nonfatal injuries in the fishery often go unreported, a study from Oregon State University shows. “The commercial Dungeness fishing fleet, which operates along the coast of Oregon, Washington and Northern California, is […]

Fly Fishing for Body, Soul, Mind

A FLY-FISHING LINE arcs above a river. The hand-tied fly — chosen to match whichever aquatic insect has hatched that morning — settles on the water. In casting that line, a fly fisherman enters into the life of the river, intuitively, intellectually, intimately. A new “cross-linked” course at Oregon State University, The Art, Science and […]

Forecast for Africa

In the summer of 2012, Zachary Dunn climbed onto the roof of a red-brick schoolhouse in Lela, a small village in southwestern Kenya. A crowd of children milled about on the ground, watching him attach a small weather station to the peak. It was the rainy season, overcast and cool enough for a long-sleeved shirt. […]

Curious Romps Through Reality

When Elena Passarello was growing up in Atlanta, she began to write as a way to have “company.” Brought up in a house where she was the only child, she made magazines and newspapers for her imaginary friends to read, she says, smiling at the memory of her earliest literary steps. She found her first […]