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Friending a Fish

One of Earth’s most ancient animals has inhabited some of the modern world’s hottest locations: Facebook and Twitter.

You don’t have to look like Einstein

The lecture hall overflows with middle-school girls and their parents one Saturday morning in February. Images flash across three big screens at the front of the room. Suddenly, a giant face of Albert Einstein pops up, filling the screens with the scientist’s wild white hair and huge, fuzzy mustache.

Online Resources for Tsunamis

We’ve seen what tsunamis can do. Now check out these websites to learn more about how they occur and what we can do to save lives.

When Our Dogs Get Sick

A greyhound named Holly, a retriever named Lucky and a mutt named Mogli don’t have much in common, appearance-wise. Holly, a retired racing dog, is tall, sleek and lean. Lucky is a wiry hunting dog with reddish-gold fur who loves to fetch tennis balls. Mogli is shorter, like a Border collie, with a friendly face and a glossy black coat. He’s always wagging his tail.

Learn About Clinical Trials

Today, the safety and effectiveness of new medicines, medical devices and vaccinations are on peoples’ minds and in the news media.  Clinical trials enable researchers to study new treatments and to determine whether they work as intended or cause dangerous side effects.